The best mountain resorts to stay, ski or simply relax and take in the view are the four-season alpine locations that offer more than just snowy slopes. Hikers, bikers and golfers all enjoy these world renowned ski resorts nestled in picturesque villages in stunning mountain ranges. Switzerland is one of the alpine countries that offer world famous pistes, exquisite views and unforgettable landscape.


The largest alpine resort in Switzerland and one of the highest ranges in Europe, Davos is made up of five world-class resorts that are equally stunning. The mountain lakes are an attraction in themselves and the ski areas are so vast that the Rega stretches across to the equally up-market Kloisters region. A quick look at a piste map may give the impression that Davos is aimed primarily at intermediate skiers and snowboarders, but the off-piste potential of the Davos-Kloisters area ensures that this is most definitely a region for experts.


The quaint village of Grindelwald has often been hailed as a location that is closest to the fairytale image of a Swiss alpine resort. The dominant force in this region is not the beautiful cog railways, the extensive skiing or the rustic ambience; it is actually the north faces of the brooding Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains. World Cup downhill skiers take on the infamous Lauberhorn course each year and there is a regular moonlit race to the valley where you will be met with fondue at the finish line.

St. Moritz 

St Moritz is the epitome of glamour. The wealthy elite fly direct into its tiny air strip; polo matches are held on the frozen lake and there is an abundance of five star hotels to choose from. St Moritz puts on an extensive year-round itinerary of alpine events in a terrain revered the world over. The area has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, in 1928 and 1948 and has held the Alpine Ski World Championships on four occasions. The high elevation of St. Moritz almost guarantees snow and the area’s credentials make it a pedigree alpine resort to be sought after.

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The sunniest city in France, Marseille is famous especially for its rich history and culture, delicious wines, tumultuous life, impressive art, colourful markets and Jean-Claude Izzo’s novels. All these turn the city into a truly unique place that has a lot to offer.


Marseille boasts the superb Mediterranean climate with warm, hot summers and mild winters that make residents of many European cities green with envy. Most tourists prefer to visit this city and surrounding region from May through October.

Things to do and see

Cultural events throughout the year, fabulous pastry and coffee shops, beautiful beaches with calm waters, boat trips and diving adventures, and city tours taking travellers to museums, art galleries and unique cultural edifices are among several activities a tourist can choose from while in Marseille.

Several bars and pubs where the traveller can feel at home, although sipping on exquisite French drinks, are Le Cosy Bar, O’Brady’s Irish Pub, Le Mystik and Le Flamingo. Additionally, La Table du Fort, Le Petit Nice Passédat, L’Escapade Marseillaise and Bar de l’Hotel de Ville are Marseille’s top gastronomic destinations a gourmand would love to visit.


Most holiday apartments, hostels and hotels are located in safe areas of the city. Good choices include Hello Marseille Hostel, Adagio Marseille Prado Plage, Hotel La Résidence du Vieux Port Marseille and Novotel Marseille Vieux Port.


British travellers leaving from London Heathrow airport will reach Marseille in one hour and forty-five minutes. Tourists who choose to travel with Eurostar will get to Marseille after six hours and forty-five minutes. Transportation options available in the city include buses, trams, metros, boats, rental car services, taxis and bicycles.

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Thousands of UK holidaymakers visit Walt Disney World Orlando every year. The planning involved in such a trip may start up to 18 months prior to the trip and many families return time and time again. The Disney experience continues to attract both the young and old; but aside from the lure of year-round beautiful Florida weather, what is the secret to Disney’s success?

The Disney set

Where else in the world can you go to a theme park and be a piece of the action? Many of the Disney parks are, at least in part, based on an actual Disney film set. People can imagine themselves as the stars in the next big budget hit. Every part of the experience involves a multitude of interactive art pieces, from famous haunted houses to actual film cars and other props. Even the restaurants and shops are an experience in themselves. .

The Disney cast

Visitors to the resort can meet virtually all the characters from every Disney film ever made. Cast members wander the streets of the parks, pose for photographs and star in the daily parades. They also take part in the Disney shows and perform multiple times a day for the crowds. For children, these characters are real and they wonder in awe at meeting them in person; adults, meanwhile, revel in the nostalgia of films gone by when greeted by their old favourites. Mickey Mouse land has a plethora of interactive activities and you can even meet the mouse himself in his own home.

The Disney action

As well as being part of the inanimate set, you can also join in the live action. Many of the rides at these theme parks are interactive; to avoid tedium in the lengthy queues, there is often a performance mid-line to keep visitors amused. Audience participation is the order at Walt Disney World, so if you want to be part of it, you can. There are opportunities to recreate iconic movie moments and star in films such as King Kong and Earthquake. The majority of the rides are based on the great moments and characters from Disney history.

DisneyPicture: Peter E. Lee

Travelling abroad this summer? Have a smartphone? Then you need our definitive guide to the best travel apps for 2014.

TripAdvisor Mobile App

One of the must have apps for the mobile traveller, Tripadvisor has a range of features including:

  • Millions of reviews and photos from real travellers to provide you with the best places to stay and visit.
  • Hotel deals for your specific destination.
  • Find restaurants and bars by cuisine or drink type and price range.
  • Find local attractions at your destination.
  • Find the best airline deals.
  • ‘Near Me Now’ search feature brings up a range of attractions and places to visit wherever you are.
  • Add your own reviews and photos from your phone or other mobile device.


Pixlr-o-matic is a photo editor that allows you to add filters and edit any picture on your phone that can then be uploaded via social media or printed out for safekeeping. Pixlr-o-matic features include:

  • Over 2 million colour and filter combinations.
  • Photo effects to change the mood of a picture.
  • Filter overlays to create interesting photos.
  • Add borders to your pictures.
  • Share your photos via social media, email or dropbox.

Although Pixlr-o-matic has a wide range of effects and filters for free, you can also purchase additional filters and effects separately.

Google Translate

Google Translate is another must have travel app, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language. Google Translate can translate text, speech and handwriting between 70 different languages and you can download your chosen language beforehand, avoiding the extortionate foreign data charges.

Google Translate features:

  • A dictionary for single words and phrases.
  • Listen to translations spoken aloud so that you can repeat them.
  • Save translations on a mobile device for easy access.
  • Translates speech, text and handwriting.


Need to transport heavy items such as skiing equiptment or golf clubs on your travels, but don’t want to pay the extortionate baggage fees the airlines charge, then Send My Bag can help.

Send My Bag collects your luggage or heavy equipment from your door and delivers it to your hotel for you. No more getting multiple taxis at the airport to fit all of your luggage in or paying through the nose at the airline check-in desk, Send My Bag does all the hard work for you, delivering your luggage to your destination quickly and securely.

The SendMyBag app allows you to:

  • Get an instant quote to send your luggage anywhere, at any time.
  • Track your luggage.
  • Earn commission with the Refer & Earn programme.
  • View your account and past order details.
  • Instantly call Sendmybag or send a direct message with one click.

Prices for transporting luggage start from £16 (within the UK), £25 (any European destination) and £75 for worldwide 1 day express delivery.


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